So after a year’s break….

I have decided it’s time to challenge myself again.

Last year was certainly a very hectic one, P spent three months in hospital, so I spent three months living in the car and trying to sort builders out. On the plus side the garden looks lovely as does my little home gym.image

A ‘small’ building job ended up taking six months and all our savings. Eating in the car did nothing for my weight. It’s not easy to find healthy food you can eat whilst driving if you are a coeliac.

To top it all off I ignored a long standing niggle with my hip and after sitting for four hours on silly chairs at parents evening it became an acute issue.

So… Goals:

  • to get back to running asap (before my brain explodes)
  • to learn to do the front crawl
  • to get my 7-9 tough mudder headband by the end of 2016 and my 10 in 2017
  • to finally get my weight down below 10 stone
  • to keep this up to date
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March 2015

So the Festival has taken place,  and it looks like we might actually have broken even. Here’s hoping.


Brooklands Half Marathon – hardest thing I have ever doneimage

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7 challenges completed, 4 to go….


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January 2015

Well, that’s some more of my challenges achieved!

Romsey 5 miles in a new personal best of just under 53 minutes (logged on my trusty Garmin!).

Kettlebell Challenge achieved. 10,000 kettlebell swings in a month.

Paleo 30 – eating like a caveman for 30 days.

Dry  January.

Literally hitting the ground running.

image    image


A new challenge added as well. March 22nd – Brooklands half pushing P in his wheelchair

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7th December 2014

So not one of my challenges, but still a really fun afternoon. Santahampton run on the common with 100 other similarly festive attired runners. I carried my large Santa 2CV lantern, dressed as Mrs Claus, complete with a sign reading ‘every famous man has a woman carrying him’. Sore collarbonesimage

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21st November 2014

So, as you know I have set myself a year of challenges to test myself, and raise funds.

It would appear that the most dangerous challenge of all is running on the pavements in Chandler’s Ford!

Yesterday evening, whilst running home I swerved to avoid bins left on the pavement, put my foot in a pothole and….

Two cut and bruised knees.

One cut and bruised elbow.

One bumped head.

Various other bruises.

thank you Eastleigh Borough Council for maintaining our roads and pavements so well (and a similar pothole experience on my bike earlier in the year)

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14th November 2014

So with a wet November, I have had to remind myself that after two tough mudders, a bit of rain is nothing! I have got very good and wringing out my running clothes and putting my trainers on the radiator. I know I prefer cold crisp mornings.

managed 160 kettlebell swings on Tuesday in preparation for my next challenge. I have delayed the start of this slightly so that I can get the rest of this term out of the way.

a big congratulations to Chris Rees of Rees Leisure and Marafun for this young businessman of the year award. Well deserved.

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